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About CP fuel injection

Does you racing, time attack, drag or drifting engine require performance Bosch fuel injectors, then here at CP fuel injection we have what you need to fuel and deliver speed.

At CP fuel injection we specialise in BOSCH EV14 fuel injectors for high performance applications supplied to automotive garages, racing teams, mappers/tuners and private customers all around the world. We have injectors available in Bosch from 550cc to 2200cc which are all optimized in house and flow matched statically and dynamically for precise cylinder to cylinder fuel delivery. 

Fuel Injector Flow Matching

We flow match all our injectors via our specialised flow benches that utilise state of the art flow meters and match them by slope flow and offset values (also known as dead time, lag, latency), which ensures that the injectors are perfectly matched to achieve precise balance between cylinders and that you will have a smooth running beast. 

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Our main focus is to provide a superior product with an outstanding customer service all at a competitive price. In addition we offer a testing and cleaning service for automotive, marine and motorcycle fuel injectors. All our work is carried out on our ASNU injector diagnostic and flow bench machines. If you require any information please contact us.